have ‘difficulty’ parting from your mobile electronic devices due to ‘separation anxiety’ 😀 …

I am posting this two-month reminder of the regulations and laws that go into effect on January 1, 2010 for Hawai’i. Find yourself a hands-free option or plan on returning your calls and other electronic communications later to avoid fines from $150-$500!!!! 😉

For more information, visit the link provided on the poster, http://www.hawaiipolice.com & the poster link here,
http://www.hawaiipolice.com/cell-phone-ban-10-01-09 where you can find a list of the banned mobile electronics for which you will be cited if you are using one while you are driving a motor vehicle; and a copy of the County Ordinance 09-82A.

In addition to a lot of information regarding motor vehicle operators, you can read the county ordinance and find information; such as, “(d) The use of a mobile electronic device for the sole purpose of making a ‘911’ emergency communication shall be an affirmative defense to this ordinance”, as well as discover a list of the specific mobile electronic devices that are subject to the fines. :-O

Focused and Safe Driving to You! 🙂

Cell Phone Ban Poster

New Law: Cell Phone Ban. Effective January 1, 2010. Poster provided by the Hawai’i Police Department.