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was also once home

I am Baaaaaack…

Home anyway. 😉 That was GREAT!

What an AWESOME time fishing, sightseeing and having fun with friends and family!

I hope to be posting entries soon; but first I have to re-acclimate to the schedule here at home as well as re-gain my ‘land legs’!

I am also going back to work with Waikoloa Elementary School!!! Hurray!

Andy has already posted several new entries about the trip and other items of interest so check out his site. I will be back in circulation soon! 😉 Aloha!

Hmmm. If I could go anywhere, you ask?

I will stay forever right here in Hawai`i. Thank You 🙂

Spica (My Shining Star) – 1994-2012
Gone from our lives; but NOT from our Memory!

With LOVE in our hearts, we bid you safe journey; and HAPPY HUNTING our dear fur factory, SPICA! 😎

Back from Vacation and on to my job at the Elementary School…

A summer off and a month of vacation were an excellent way to spend a hot summer’s break off-Island! Our first stop was to visit my family in Oregon. Then to Alaska for sight seeing, FISHING – Halibut & Salmon, and more sight seeing! Every week was BEAUTIFUL!!! Every week was AWESOME!!!

As Andy mentions in his ‘back-to-work’ entry at A “Long vacations seem to be common here in Hawai’i, particularly when flying to the mainland. When purchasing tickets, families tend to make the best of the expense and do everything in one trip. The result is that many vacations are measured in weeks, not……