© Andrew Cooper, 2009

© Andrew Cooper, 2009

July 2: Late Night Packing…

July 3: Long Flight (five and one-half hours), then we finally disembark in Seattle, collect our luggage, and make our way to the rental car agency (DarkerView.com: “Road Trip” had the story there!).

We pack our luggage in the car any which way it takes; and using the paper map provided with the car rental, we find our way East.

We reach Ellensburg, Washington and the Days Inn at some time around 1:00am on July 4th (ummm…that was this morning).

I didn’t sleep much the night of July 2nd. I didn’t sleep-in on the morning of July 3rd. I didn’t sleep as I usually do on the five and one-half hour flight nor did I sleep as I normally do during the three- to four-hour drive from Seattle to Ellensburg.

Did I finally sleep when we got settled in our room in Ellensburg, Washington? Ummmm. No. Not until 2:45am. And when I did finally sleep, it was a fitful sleep at best.

It is a strange bed. There are unfamiliar sounds all about. Worst, I think, is there is no purr next to me. No tickling whiskers in my face. No demands made of my presence. Just unfamiliar sounds and then n-o-t-h-i-n-g…

It seems like I had finally gotten to sleep, and it was time to get going again so we didn’t miss breakfast. I am still on Hawai’i time…

First time off Island since moving to Hawai`i. 😐 Going home is going to be interesting 😮

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I will be putting up several postings about our trip; but not until we get home again. I will also have pictures to post then, too!