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Happy and Safe 4th of July!

A day of celebration! May it be a safe and joyful time for you!

I will be at the Parker Ranch 4th of July Rodeo and Horse Races, again, obtaining more photos for my blog 🙂


It made me Smile :-)

Wishing everyone MELE KALIKIMAKA (Merry Christmas)!!!; and SAFE AND HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!!

BIG Thanks from the Big Island to my Facebook friends for pointing me to these links! 😀

Many BEAUTIFUL Pictures to enjoy and dream about paradise while in the Wet & Cold up North or the Hot & Dry down South!


This one is Bing Crosby so it sounds WONDERFUL!

Yep! I suggested it. Again!

😀 You guessed it! This year ON Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2010, we volunteered at the Onizuka Center for International Astronomy Visitor Information Station (VIS) on Mauna Kea. Again!

I guess I liked it so much last year that I actually suggested volunteering at the VIS again this year as our Valentine’s Day togetherness. As Andy says, “Once; a fluke. Twice; a coincidence. Three times is a problem.” But in this case, three times may just become a tradition?!… Have to wait for next year’s story for that determination… 😎

Andy ‘promised’ me “a nice, secluded Valentine’s Day lunch and……

And Another Year Gone By…

Hope you have a Safe & Happy New Year filled with GREAT things!

May the events of the coming year be better than years gone-by! Wishes of HEALTH & HAPPINESS to all who stop by this way!!!!

Happy Fourth of July 2009!

July 2: Late Night Packing…

July 3: Long Flight (five and one-half hours), then we finally disembark in Seattle, collect our luggage, and make our way to the rental car agency (DarkerView.com: “Road Trip” had the story there!).

We pack our luggage in the car any which way it takes; and using the paper map provided with the car rental, we find our way East.

We reach Ellensburg, Washington and the Days Inn at some time around 1:00am on July 4th (ummm…that was this morning).

I didn’t sleep much the night of July 2nd. I didn’t sleep-in on the morning of July 3rd. I didn’t sleep as……

How I Spent Valentine’s Day & Enjoyed It!

How does one spend Valentine’s Day when married to an astronomer?

Well, Andy and I volunteered at the Onizuka Center for International Astronomy Visitor Information Station (VIS) on Mauna Kea where we cleaned and repaired the station’s telescope eyepieces!
Before we set to work on the large task ahead that filled the rest of our day, Andy ‘got’ us lunch at Hale Pohaku 😉 Well, actually lunch was provided by the VIS for our volunteer time; but we were spending the time together on Valentine’s Day!

After lunch, we made our way back down to the VIS and gathered up all of the eyepieces. At……