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Cats Watching Cats! ROFL!

I was laughing so much at this video, then I watched my cat watch this video!

The resulting video…

Click this —> Cats Watching Cats! to Watch the Video Short Take 😀

Confirmation That I Was In Need Of Not So Recently!!!

FIRST: Let me be clear …

I am NOT a physician or a professional counselor.

I AM a “Teacher” – Certifiable, but not Certified I work as an Educational Assistant.

If you are feeling sad or depressed, please get help! Contact your general practitioner (GP), primary care physician (PCP), or somebody you trust to talk to about your thoughts and feelings!!!!!!

OK … Now to finish my “Thought Train Express” …

Whether we call it, ‘a second opinion’, ‘coincidental insight’ or ‘right where I needed to be, right then’ the confirmation was loud and clear! –>>>

Journal Entry; May 24, 2012: Right now, I am going through something very real, and very sensitive; and IT……

Sprung from the Box on Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Yes, on Darkerview.com you will read about a small package of energy that we brought home on Tuesday, July 24: “A New Family Member” by Darkerview. We have seven days to convince her that she is home! She has seven days to establish herself as ‘Alpha’, then… He – Rasalhague – moves in ;-).

Kitten proof?

Oh. Yeah.

Now, I am remembering what that means and what needs to be done! 😀

It made me Smile :-)

LOLCATS is soooo GOOD for my Health!!!!!

Since I received this one through more than one channel, I took a Que and have posted it for more to surely see 😀 ENJOY!!!!!

Frank never touched Uncle Bob's Five-Alarm Chili ever again.

See even more Lolcats and funny pictures here

Holiday Greetings From Hawaii!

I have been adding pictures and links to this posting; but I got it posted while it was still Christmas AND 2008! 😉 Who knows?…I may add more!

Aloha Dear Family, Friends, and any Envious Unknowns 😉

Well, we have come to another year’s end and are readying to ring in another new year! … gulp … ALREADY!?! This year our Holiday Letter is here on my Blog!

May you have a safe and fun-filled Holiday 2008-2009 Season filled with pleasant new memories for your journals, photo albums, and scrapbooks! I don’t believe that I have ever attended this many pot lucks, parties, and get-togethers in……