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I am NOT a physician or a professional counselor.

I AM a “Teacher” – Certifiable, but not Certified I work as an Educational Assistant.

If you are feeling sad or depressed, please get help! Contact your general practitioner (GP), primary care physician (PCP), or somebody you trust to talk to about your thoughts and feelings!!!!!!

OK … Now to finish my “Thought Train Express” …

Spica and Adara resting on the bed. We enjoyed a Lazy, Quiet Morning on many occasions!

Spica and Adara resting on the bed. We enjoyed a Lazy, Quiet Morning on many occasions!

Whether we call it, ‘a second opinion’, ‘coincidental insight’ or ‘right where I needed to be, right then’ the confirmation was loud and clear! –>>>

Journal Entry; May 24, 2012: Right now, I am going through something very real, and very sensitive; and IT has a name. IT is called, “Empty Nest Syndrome” … a form of Grief.

Yes, I spoiled them beyond limits! Yes, I laughed uproariously at their antics every day! Yes, We taught each other many things; and from them, I learned patience as well as how to be observant of changes, among many other useful lessons!

YES!!! For a wonderful seventeen (17) years, I showered them both with love at every opportunity that I could create, AND they gave it right back – with interest!!!!

They are my babies!!! A Ray of Light on a cloudy day! A Smile upon my lips just when I thought there was no reason to smile today! YES!!! They ARE my babies and they always will be my babies in memories kept fresh in my heart and recalled when I need a reminder!!!

The older one (the Mama) left us to begin her next journey in February 2012, and the younger one (her baby) left us to begin her next adventure in April 2012.

I grieved for the Mama many months before she actually left on her journey because the signs were adding up; and I knew it was approaching. The only options that were left were the ability to keep loving her and keeping her pain-free. Then the letting go and loving her the most we ever could when it was time.

I try to remember the numerous occasions that she played with me and reminded me that I was not alone! Moments: like the time I got a tiny little Frisbee with a launcher in a cereal box. I launched the Frisbee down our lengthy hallway to test it; and a big, orange blur chased after it! She brought it back to me so I launched it again, and she brought it back. Thus the game was established.

When it was only her baby (at least a year younger) to dote upon, I knew it was going to happen, too. It is unavoidable. The end of life as we know it, and the beginnings of what is yet to be. But I was not prepared for, nor was I ready for it so soon after her Mama – only two months later. Only two months later?!? I was especially not ready for it to happen SO close together! BUT. It happened. TOO FAST. TOO SOON. IT IS ALWAYS TOO SOON no matter how long you have to enjoy the presence of another RIP (Rest In Paradise) my Babies!

Whether it is the youngest of your children leaving for college OR loss of the cherished pet that was regarded as a member of the family, the grief that is experienced (especially if it leaves the home ’empty’) is real and very similar in character.

Intrigued by this suggestion? Please continue reading Since we have passed through May (the high school graduation month in many states) and if you have a child that is getting ready for their next adventure (in college, a new job, etc), I strongly encourage you to continue reading … —>>>



YES, while the loved ones to whom I refer, who recently began their new adventures and left my house devoid of ‘little ones’ are two VERY LOVED AND PAMPERED Kitties, I am told, “that the grief that I feel” is as valid and important to me as if I suffered the departure of a child going off to a new job, to college or to start a family of their own.

I was soothed by reading this article: Help for Empty Nest Syndrome.

It has helped me put a name to what I am feeling and not just dismissed what I am feeling as, “an unavoidable inevitability (these are merely thoughts that an onset of mild clinical depression has put in my head).” After reading the article linked above (Help for Empty Nest Syndrome), I searched the Internet for more information. Something to help me dig out of this echoing pit that it feels I am in (that might just be plugged ears from my head cold).

From a search for “empty nest syndrome”, I encountered this article, “5 Upsides to the Empty Nest Life“; and I am seeing the light above the darkness get brighter. There are many more articles on the subject, and they are well worth reading. I am posting this to help myself get through the change in my life and find new definition for what to do now.

Reading about what others have done to redefine their life’s role has inspired me with several new ideas. A way to “redefine” my life and find new purpose so that I can follow this thought: “Do not cry for what was left in the past…Instead laugh loudly for the GREAT memories that you take with you to your future!” <- Deb C. (Feb 17, 2013) It has taken a long time for me to adjust to the new (albeit, not yet accepted) way that life is now… but I have been drawn to the new additions of the family… They are new hi-lights in the house; and I am able to remember the old gals that came before them more and more with delight when one of these two young ones does something that reminds me of a behavior that I have seen before 🙂

Several months later: Enter Newly Adopted Kitties - Electra and Rasalhague!

Several months later: Enter Newly Adopted Kitties – Electra and Rasalhague!

The Healing is well under way! It’s the patience that I now have need of learning… [heavy sigh!]