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  • Confirmation That I Was In Need Of Not So Recently!!!

    FIRST: Let me be clear …

    I am NOT a physician or a professional counselor.

    I AM a “Teacher” – Certifiable, but not Certified I work as an Educational Assistant.

    If you are feeling sad or depressed, please get help! Contact your general practitioner (GP), primary care physician (PCP), or somebody you trust to talk to about your thoughts and feelings!!!!!!

    OK … Now to finish my “Thought Train Express” …

    Spica and Adara resting on the bed. We enjoyed a Lazy, Quiet Morning on many occasions!
    Spica and Adara resting on the bed. We enjoyed a Lazy, Quiet Morning on many occasions!

    Whether we call it, ‘a second opinion’, ‘coincidental insight’ or ‘right where I needed to be, right then’ the confirmation was loud and clear! –>>>

    Journal Entry; May 24, 2012: Right now, I am going through something very real, and very sensitive; and IT has a name. IT is called, “Empty Nest Syndrome” … a form of Grief.

    Yes, I spoiled them beyond limits! Yes, I laughed uproariously at their antics every day! Yes, We taught each other many things; and from them, I learned patience as well as how to be observant of changes, among many other useful lessons!

    YES!!! For a wonderful seventeen (17) years, I showered them both with love at every opportunity that I could create, AND they gave it right back – with interest!!!!

    They are my babies!!! A Ray of Light on a cloudy day! A Smile upon my lips just when I thought there was no reason to smile today! YES!!! They ARE my babies and they always will be my babies in memories kept fresh in my heart and recalled when I need a reminder!!!

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  • Sprung from the Box on Tuesday, July 24, 2012

    Electra when she was Mana and behind bars.
    Electra when she was Mana and behind bars.

    Yes, on Darkerview.com you will read about a small package of energy that we brought home on Tuesday, July 24: “A New Family Member” by Darkerview. We have seven days to convince her that she is home! She has seven days to establish herself as ‘Alpha’, then… He – Rasalhague – moves in ;-).

    Kitten proof?

    Oh. Yeah.

    Now, I am remembering what that means and what needs to be done! 😀

  • Wishing everyone MELE KALIKIMAKA (Merry Christmas)!!!; and SAFE AND HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!!

    BIG Thanks from the Big Island to my Facebook friends for pointing me to these links! 😀

    Many BEAUTIFUL Pictures to enjoy and dream about paradise while in the Wet & Cold up North or the Hot & Dry down South!


    This one is Bing Crosby so it sounds WONDERFUL!

  • Experiences and Realizations…

    Growing up may not be a requirement as we age; but we are certainly shaped by our experiences, and our choices resulting from those experiences! As we gain experiences, our vision for our own future gets more focused when we are gently nudged to think about what we want our future to hold; and what do we find most fulfilling.

    Starting in third grade and continuing every year thereafter through High School, my teachers would ask all students to write a short essay about what we wanted to be when we ‘grew up’; and were ‘released’ from the educational institution as adults.

    At the time, I took it as simply writing practice to help us get better at correspondence so that we could communicate well in our careers what ever they turned out to be. My chosen career changed every year and sometimes several times in the same year because everything was exciting and interesting to me! Some of my choices were a veterinarian for large animals, a fire fighter, a medical doctor, a registered nurse, an actress, a journalist; and the list gets very long…

    Now that I have possibly found what my ultimate passion is (classroom interaction such as tutor or teacher), I am realizing that the “When I Grow Up…” essays were a lot more than just writing practice! They were a multifaceted way of getting us to explore what was available to us for long-term goals and to kick-start our investigative skills.

    Every essay that I wrote on that possible ‘dream future’ was in essence, a seed sewn that either germinated as it had been planted; or went to seed from its graft and became something else that was very different from the original. Sometimes, so completely different that I felt like I had been spun around; and I was a little disoriented for a short time as if it were my turn at the piñata.

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