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Yes! I am still doing very well here!

Originally posted to GadgetGypsy.Xanga.com on November 16, 2008 at 22:08. Originally posted here on May 24, 2009 at 21:52 with an updated train of thought and altered phrasing. Now Updated again with some new information…


In November 2008, I experienced a ‘wild hair’ and decided to learn some Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) Web Design for a Weblog! Now. If you know me … you KNOW that I HATE programming even though I can usually puzzle it out; but some how I have taken new interest in Web Design since I started my first Blog on Xanga and after seeing what was possible from viewing AND reading the posts……

My Newest Hobby & Two Purrfect Sewing Companions!

No, no telescopes or new phones this time … 😀 …

It’s an Embroidery/Sewing Machine and the company of one or both of my Sew Helpfur, Clever Kitties:

In reference to reviving a favorite set of Sun Shades for my Car:

The spring had sprung because the sun had won;
and the fabric lost its grip on its surroundings! 😉
— by Deb C. {Gadget Gypsy – 2/19/2011}

MY SOUL, you ask?
A Stitch in Paradise Saves Mine!!!!!

Like a Bobbin and spool of thread:
at Day’s End, it’s the Purrfect way to Unwind
— by Deb C. {Gadget Gypsy – 12/29/2010}

A new interest (and now a hobby) in Machine Embroidery; and a simple, yet……

Bubbles from the Deep!

Starfish Date 20100711.0900 D1: Surf Forecast called for choppy conditions on both East and West sides of Hawai’i today. We decided to go for a drive to check out Diving conditions at End of Road Puako. It was Fantastic!!!!!

It was in just the right position to be sheltered from the brunt of the wind, surf and surge. Although the water wasn’t as clear as we have seen it, it was better by far than I was expecting. Almost no noticeable surge either, unless you held still enough for a few minutes and made conscious note of it.

We decided to go South today, and it turned……

And Another Year Gone By…

Hope you have a Safe & Happy New Year filled with GREAT things!

May the events of the coming year be better than years gone-by! Wishes of HEALTH & HAPPINESS to all who stop by this way!!!!

Whew! I played….mmm….worked too hard today!!!

😉 When three- and four-year-old children are feeling good and are in a good mood, they are fun on the playground and in the classroom to teach and ‘entertain’!

I AM, however, looking forward to the less humid and cooler weather!

Cheers! 😀

Happy Fourth of July 2009!

July 2: Late Night Packing…

July 3: Long Flight (five and one-half hours), then we finally disembark in Seattle, collect our luggage, and make our way to the rental car agency (DarkerView.com: “Road Trip” had the story there!).

We pack our luggage in the car any which way it takes; and using the paper map provided with the car rental, we find our way East.

We reach Ellensburg, Washington and the Days Inn at some time around 1:00am on July 4th (ummm…that was this morning).

I didn’t sleep much the night of July 2nd. I didn’t sleep-in on the morning of July 3rd. I didn’t sleep as……

A Myna Question…

This one came to me on the way home from Hilo with Andy, my husband, one day as I observed this hilarious behavior …

Why did the Myna bird cross the road?…