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  • Yes! I am still doing very well here!

    Originally posted to GadgetGypsy.Xanga.com on November 16, 2008 at 22:08. Originally posted here on May 24, 2009 at 21:52 with an updated train of thought and altered phrasing. Now Updated again with some new information…


    In November 2008, I experienced a ‘wild hair’ and decided to learn some Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) Web Design for a Weblog! Now. If you know me … you KNOW that I HATE programming even though I can usually puzzle it out; but some how I have taken new interest in Web Design since I started my first Blog on Xanga and after seeing what was possible from viewing AND reading the posts at Darkerview.com!

    However, I WILL NOT refer to CSS as ‘programming’ any more than I will EVER give in to the construct that Pluto is no longer classified as a planet!!!! Since, for me, CSS is not as abstract and confusing as the programming (in ‘C’ language) that I had to take for my Management Information Systems / Operations Management (MIS/OM) Bachelors of Science (BS) degree at The University of Arizona (UA) with all the ‘for’ and ‘if; then’ statements that usually ended up in a nasty looping mess every time I first wrote a program!?!?!? It took me waaaay tooooo long to get it fixed, and I was usually disappointed in how little I had accomplished with all those lines of code :-O

    So: I asked Andy, my husband and my best friend, to teach me the basics on setting up and configuring my own blog with my own domain where I have more extensive room for creativity! I continue to request help when I get stuck (it is nice to have such a knowledgeable, interactive reference so handy). Thus, my new Blog of my own domain was ‘born’: GadgetGypsy.com! Andy is an excellent tutor; but please don’t tell him that I said so … His job at Keck Observatories keeps his head in the clouds enough without the compliments going to his head as well ;-D

    For those of you who have been asking: The name ‘GadgetGypsy’ came from my college days that started in Air Force Technical Training. I like the new, intriguing electronic gadgets that come available on the market; and I obtain them for the ‘learning’ opportunity that they provide as well as the fascination that they instill as I figure out their capabilities and functions. Through experience of buying too early, I have also learned to exhibit patience (VERY hard for me to do); and wait a generation or two before I buy-in. I still forget myself on occasion and the hard lesson is once again driven home when I ‘impulse’ buy a new technology that still needs to be debugged! Although painful and sometimes pricey, the lessons are still good and valuable experience!

    You are invited to drop by here to check it out often! But be warned; I am, and will be, learning the intricacies of CSS for quite a while as I get GadgetGypsy.com configured to my liking. Please don’t let the constant changes (or occasional changes as I approach my ideal) turn you off or scare you away; OR keep you from providing me valid, constructive and valuable feedback and comments!

    I like the community at Xanga still; and the Photo Contest at iliveinmycamera is, to me, a ‘not-to-be-missed’ blogger-tunity if you have the time to take and post the weekly photo assignments! So, I will still keep GadgetGypsy.Xanga.com open and active. I will not be using it as much as I was; and other than the occasional posting here and there, about or to, the Photo Contest or something related to my Xanga friends, or regarding a new post to check out at GadgetyGypsy.com, I will be putting my Picts, Vid Clips, and main posts on GadgetGypsy.com.

    See you over here (GadgetGypsy.com) AND over there (GadgetGypsy.Xanga.com)! They are both (or at least GadgetGypsy.com still is) RSS feed capable so you can subscribe to it/them through your RSS Reader. (Update; 12/27/2015: the unofficial Photo Contest was no longer running when last I was there; but another may have opened up)

    Aloha and Happy Blogging! –GG

  • My Newest Hobby & Two Purrfect Sewing Companions!

    No, no telescopes or new phones this time … 😀 …

    It’s an Embroidery/Sewing Machine and the company of one or both of my Sew Helpfur, Clever Kitties:

    "Yes, it is Purrfect color combination"
    “Yes, it is Purrfect color combination”
    "Yes, the placement looks good, but..."
    “Yes, the placement looks good, but…”

    In reference to reviving a favorite set of Sun Shades for my Car:

    The spring had sprung because the sun had won;
    and the fabric lost its grip on its surroundings! 😉
    — by Deb C. {Gadget Gypsy – 2/19/2011}

    MY SOUL, you ask?
    A Stitch in Paradise Saves Mine!!!!!

    Like a Bobbin and spool of thread:
    at Day’s End, it’s the Purrfect way to Unwind
    — by Deb C. {Gadget Gypsy – 12/29/2010}

    A new interest (and now a hobby) in Machine Embroidery; and a simple, yet capable Embroidery/Sewing machine as well as the assistance of two very helpfur Kitties:

    And thus it all began… My obsession with Machine Embroidery and Material Belongings Revitalization!

    "Now, it is Purrfect!" I was once told that 'No outfit is complete without the Cat Hair'! ;-)
    “Now, it is Purrfect!”
    I was once told that ‘No outfit is complete without the Cat Hair’! 😉
    Thus it begins...
    Thus it begins…

  • Bubbles from the Deep!

    Don and Deb over coral at Puako. By ©2010 Andrew Cooper.
    Don and Deb over coral at Puako. By ©2010 Andrew Cooper.

    Starfish Date 20100711.0900 D1: Surf Forecast called for choppy conditions on both East and West sides of Hawai’i today. We decided to go for a drive to check out Diving conditions at End of Road Puako. It was Fantastic!!!!!

    It was in just the right position to be sheltered from the brunt of the wind, surf and surge. Although the water wasn’t as clear as we have seen it, it was better by far than I was expecting. Almost no noticeable surge either, unless you held still enough for a few minutes and made conscious note of it.

    Garden Eels (Gorgasia hawaiiensis) at 80' depth at Puako. By ©2010 Andrew Cooper.
    Garden Eels (Gorgasia hawaiiensis) at 80′ depth at Puako. By ©2010 Andrew Cooper.

    We decided to go South today, and it turned up a new specie or two of Marine life. Due to the lack of surge, I got to enjoy the dive more instead of fighting to keep my position while I was looking at one bit of coral or another.

    Realizing that without a camera, the dive is much more relaxed for me; but oh, the pictures I do not get … Like the Garden eels at about 80′:

    ‘Thick Cotton Ropes’ 😉 AND Summer Diving as well as Stout Moray — posted by Darkerview.com….

    This is listed in those moments to remember! It’s times like this I’m a ‘Sucker’ for ‘Bottom’ time; BUT don’t confuse this with being ‘A Flounder’. 😎

    Deb and Andy exploring the reef at Puako, photo ©2010 by Kirk Tateishi.
    Deb and Andy exploring the reef at Puako, photo ©2010 by Kirk Tateishi.

  • Happy Fourth of July 2009!

    © Andrew Cooper, 2009
    © Andrew Cooper, 2009

    July 2: Late Night Packing…

    July 3: Long Flight (five and one-half hours), then we finally disembark in Seattle, collect our luggage, and make our way to the rental car agency (DarkerView.com: “Road Trip” had the story there!).

    We pack our luggage in the car any which way it takes; and using the paper map provided with the car rental, we find our way East.

    We reach Ellensburg, Washington and the Days Inn at some time around 1:00am on July 4th (ummm…that was this morning).

    I didn’t sleep much the night of July 2nd. I didn’t sleep-in on the morning of July 3rd. I didn’t sleep as I usually do on the five and one-half hour flight nor did I sleep as I normally do during the three- to four-hour drive from Seattle to Ellensburg.

    Did I finally sleep when we got settled in our room in Ellensburg, Washington? Ummmm. No. Not until 2:45am. And when I did finally sleep, it was a fitful sleep at best.

    It is a strange bed. There are unfamiliar sounds all about. Worst, I think, is there is no purr next to me. No tickling whiskers in my face. No demands made of my presence. Just unfamiliar sounds and then n-o-t-h-i-n-g…

    It seems like I had finally gotten to sleep, and it was time to get going again so we didn’t miss breakfast. I am still on Hawai’i time…

    First time off Island since moving to Hawai`i. 😐 Going home is going to be interesting 😮

    For several postings about our trip AND our July Fourth, Check out A Darkerview

    I will be putting up several postings about our trip; but not until we get home again. I will also have pictures to post then, too!