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Same Blog, Different Tool!

Hello Family, Friends, and Visitors!

Yep, I am migrating my Blog from my Previous Software (PS) to WordPress. My PS had failed to save my works-in-progress WAY too many times. 😡

I have abandoned it now and use it to get the transfers to WordPress accurate.

You have probably noticed (or will notice, soon) that my old Blog is somewhat “interesting” now (or you get forwarded automatically).

When my account was updated to work with WordPress, something in my PS did not like the change. 😐

Result: Some miscellaneous characters; and most important, it will not let me post, edit, delete or even access my admin pages.

My new Blog URL is……

My Newest Hobby & Two Purrfect Sewing Companions!

No, no telescopes or new phones this time … 😀 …

It’s an Embroidery/Sewing Machine and the company of one or both of my Sew Helpfur, Clever Kitties:

In reference to reviving a favorite set of Sun Shades for my Car:

The spring had sprung because the sun had won;
and the fabric lost its grip on its surroundings! 😉
— by Deb C. {Gadget Gypsy – 2/19/2011}

MY SOUL, you ask?
A Stitch in Paradise Saves Mine!!!!!

Like a Bobbin and spool of thread:
at Day’s End, it’s the Purrfect way to Unwind
— by Deb C. {Gadget Gypsy – 12/29/2010}

A new interest (and now a hobby) in Machine Embroidery; and a simple, yet……

A Renewed Shady Existence…

They began to succumb to the pressures of the vehicular “Greenhouse” effect that had been initiated long ago in Arizona. As the material deteriorated deeper and deeper into a fragile state that would not support the spring tension any longer, and the Duct Tape was starting to cover more of the shades than the material;

I stepped up efforts in looking for an answer as to what I could do to fix it. The spring-wire frames are still in great condition; and I am somewhat attached to the flames that were so fitting in Arizona’s “Dry Heat”!

I eventually discovered the Discount Fabric Warehouse (DFW) in Kailua-Kona. This discovery……