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  • Same Blog, Different Tool!

    Hello Family, Friends, and Visitors!

    Yep, I am migrating my Blog from my Previous Software (PS) to WordPress. My PS had failed to save my works-in-progress WAY too many times. 😑

    I have abandoned it now and use it to get the transfers to WordPress accurate.

    You have probably noticed (or will notice, soon) that my old Blog is somewhat “interesting” now (or you get forwarded automatically).

    When my account was updated to work with WordPress, something in my PS did not like the change. 😐

    Result: Some miscellaneous characters; and most important, it will not let me post, edit, delete or even access my admin pages.

    My new Blog URL is www.gadgetgypsy.com/wordpress.

    I like the layout of my new blog; although, little adjustments are inevitable along the way! What do you think?

    Well, not being able to access the admin will make my progress a bit slower while I reformat my entries and put them back together; but it will not stop me!

    I am publishing them with their original posting dates so that will take some time, as well.

    Don’t let the “fine-tuning” scare you away, though. I will publish a new post every now and then to keep things interesting. In a good way! 😎 You may even see something old that is new again! πŸ˜‰

  • Funny Thought But Sadly True…

    What is a rampant rumor called when it is spread among the employed at their place of work; and it lacks credibility or proof, as well as has an element of cruelty?

    What? Don’t know? … πŸ˜›

    Hint: It spreads unchecked until someone puts a halt to it by refusing to pass it along.

    You give up?…

    Well… Okay … πŸ˜‰ –>>>>>

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