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  • Same Blog, Different Tool!

    Hello Family, Friends, and Visitors!

    Yep, I am migrating my Blog from my Previous Software (PS) to WordPress. My PS had failed to save my works-in-progress WAY too many times. 😑

    I have abandoned it now and use it to get the transfers to WordPress accurate.

    You have probably noticed (or will notice, soon) that my old Blog is somewhat “interesting” now (or you get forwarded automatically).

    When my account was updated to work with WordPress, something in my PS did not like the change. 😐

    Result: Some miscellaneous characters; and most important, it will not let me post, edit, delete or even access my admin pages.

    My new Blog URL is www.gadgetgypsy.com/wordpress.

    I like the layout of my new blog; although, little adjustments are inevitable along the way! What do you think?

    Well, not being able to access the admin will make my progress a bit slower while I reformat my entries and put them back together; but it will not stop me!

    I am publishing them with their original posting dates so that will take some time, as well.

    Don’t let the “fine-tuning” scare you away, though. I will publish a new post every now and then to keep things interesting. In a good way! 😎 You may even see something old that is new again! πŸ˜‰

  • The Read Aloud America RAP is once again seeking volunteers…

    Just one of the messages and some of the fun, reinforcing incentives at the Fall 2008 Read Aloud Program (RAP) at Waikoloa.

    The Read Aloud America Read Aloud Program (RAP) is once again seeking volunteers to be volunteer readers as well as volunteers who can substitute as readers on short notice. This news is from Hawaii247.org!

    There will also probably be a need for volunteer escorts to assist in getting groups to the assigned reading rooms and back to the cafeteria. More information on the schools offering the RAP and the dates each will be presented may be found here –> Read Aloud America Read Aloud Program (RAP) as well as contacting the representative for Read Aloud America RAP at (808) 224-1727 for more information.

    The Fall 2008 Read Aloud Program (RAP) at Waikoloa had an impressive turnout.

    I first had the incredible Privilege to be a part of this GREAT Program in Fall 2008 at Waikoloa Elementary School as a Reader Escort! As you can see from the post that I made after the first night of the RAP sessions in August 2008, it was an awesome experience!Β  It only got better from there right down to the very last night that was a mix of laughter and joy as presentations were made; and an undertone of melancholy for the end of this wonderful, semi-weekly event.

    It was very similar and just as FUN at the Waimea RAP during the same time frame. They staggered alternate nights and dates to make both possible as well as making it possible for me to volunteer at both! I gained an immense amount of information and ideas in addition to an understanding for what keeps the attention of the children. If it is possible for you to go and sign up, please do! They can usually put any and all volunteers to helpful tasks; and the rewards are numerous.

  • Triskaidekaphobia…

    *pronounced tris-?ki-?de-k?-‘fo-be-? or tris-,k?-,de-k?-‘fo-be-? according to Merriam-Webster online.
    A long word stemming from the Latin and defined as ‘fear of the number 13’.

    Although those afflicted with this very real condition are always finding ways around confronting the number 13, there is most commonly a rise in the concern for the fear of the number 13 when the thirteenth of a month lands on Friday.

    Well, maybe this year there will be a nulling factor for Friday the Thirteenth (I mean the date, not the movie) because we, in fact, have two of them back-to-back.

    Because we learn in math that two negatives make a positive, maybe that will hold true regarding Friday the thirteenth in February and March 2009?

    We will take solace in this comforting thought and confront the third occurrence in November 2009 M U C H later in the year. After all, why rush the year any faster than it already is passing by?

    Only the Best and Comfort to You!

  • Tonight, the first night as a RAP Volunteer…

    Yes, tonight was the first of six nights as a Volunteer with the Read Aloud Program (RAP) by Read Aloud America (RAA) in Waikoloa. What a great way to spend an evening!

    Our RAA Parent Trainer/Presenter at Waikoloa Elementary, Jed Gaines, expertly gave a short introduction for the program and explained that there is just one thing the students “had” to do tonight and that was “Have Fun”!

    There were no tests, and they were not expected to write anything. They were to Have Fun! Mr. Gaines did ask fun questions and handed out fun prizes to get the initial interest of the children and the parents who brought them.

    After the introduction and explanation of what RAP means, the reading and escort (I am an escort) volunteers gathered out on the walkway with our signs for the grade/age group that we are waiting to take to their classroom.

    Then the children are released, one grade or age group at a time to find the escort holding the sign for their group or grade. All students for our group present…check…off to our assigned classroom.

    The parents remain in the presentation room (in this case, the cafeteria) to learn more about this great program which encourages families to turn off the TV and spend more time together … yep, you guessed it … Reading Aloud!

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