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The Read Aloud America RAP is once again seeking volunteers…

The Read Aloud America Read Aloud Program (RAP) is once again seeking volunteers to be volunteer readers as well as volunteers who can substitute as readers on short notice. This news is from Hawaii247.org!

There will also probably be a need for volunteer escorts to assist in getting groups to the assigned reading rooms and back to the cafeteria. More information on the schools offering the RAP and the dates each will be presented may be found here –> Read Aloud America Read Aloud Program (RAP) as well as contacting the representative for Read Aloud America RAP at (808) 224-1727 for more information.

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How I Spent Valentine’s Day & Enjoyed It!

How does one spend Valentine’s Day when married to an astronomer?

Well, Andy and I volunteered at the Onizuka Center for International Astronomy Visitor Information Station (VIS) on Mauna Kea where we cleaned and repaired the station’s telescope eyepieces!
Before we set to work on the large task ahead that filled the rest of our day, Andy ‘got’ us lunch at Hale Pohaku 😉 Well, actually lunch was provided by the VIS for our volunteer time; but we were spending the time together on Valentine’s Day!

After lunch, we made our way back down to the VIS and gathered up all of the eyepieces. At……