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Solve This!? or Just Read.

Grow up? Why?

The laws of physics and nature require me to mature; but I have seen no where that it is either express or written that I have to Grow Up 😉

Happy Play Times To You! 😀

Originally posted Sunday, April 26. 2009

Funny Thought But Sadly True…

What is a rampant rumor called when it is spread among the employed at their place of work; and it lacks credibility or proof, as well as has an element of cruelty?

What? Don’t know? … 😛

Hint: It spreads unchecked until someone puts a halt to it by refusing to pass it along.

You give up?…

Well… Okay … 😉 –>>>>>

LOLCATS is soooo GOOD for my Health!!!!!

Since I received this one through more than one channel, I took a Que and have posted it for more to surely see 😀 ENJOY!!!!!

Frank never touched Uncle Bob's Five-Alarm Chili ever again.

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A Point to Ponder…

What do Microsoft and Multiple Sclerosis have in common?…


A Myna Question…

This one came to me on the way home from Hilo with Andy, my husband, one day as I observed this hilarious behavior …

Why did the Myna bird cross the road?…