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Tag along on an AWESOME dive with us…

Mark is one of several regulars to our dive parties.

He has put together another great video of diving adventures aboard the Aqua Safari around the Big Island!

This dive was on August 17, 2014. A Nitrox Dive – special certification required.

It is a special treat for me to watch these videos, especially on the dives that I was unable to take part in. Thank You Mark! 😀

Oooooh Nooooo! It has been happening all too frequently…

The increasing time between dives when I find myself approaching the dangers of “Bottom Time” withdrawal!!!!

Bottom Time” – It is how we calculate each dive to determine how long we need to remain surfaced to allow the nitrogen to sufficiently escape from our bodies before we submerge for more Bottom Time (BT). Cumulative BT is also used to determine diver experience. Snorkeling helps to prevent withdrawal; however, after a long enough period of only getting to snorkeling depths, let alone out of the water all together, MY ‘gills’ get VERY dry!

I ‘NEED’ the pressure of 40 to 80 foot depths with a diving tank to infuse the water deep……

Another Year Older and Deeper In Depth!

The call came on a Tuesday from Mauna Kea Summit, “Are we doing anything on Saturday?” I reminded him that I was going to arrange our haircuts then mentioned that I hadn’t sent the message yet. His next comment, “Good, some of the usual group want to go diving, can you make it for next weekend?” My reply was, “I can hold off until next weekend if it is for diving!” 🙂 ” Thus, for my Birthday this year, we went diving off of the North Kohala Shores of the Big Island!

Two very enjoyable dives. Caves, and Marine Life abounding as we kicked……

Preserving the natural coral reefs!

This is a cool idea. I hope it does work to help preserve the natural coral reefs!

National Geographic Video of a unique artificial reef…

Jason deCaires Taylor

Holoholokai…? Story? Oh Yes!

November 28, 2010: We explored in and around the caves of the waters at Holoholokai Beach Park, Kohala. This dive helped me narrowly avoid serious “bottom time” withdrawal; and a case of “DRY Gills”! 😉

Beautiful caves with “sky lights” allowing the sun’s rays to dance gracefully about the shadows of the depths, and giving us glimpses as well as photographic opportunities of several marine animals that make themselves scarce in the daylight hours. We found their “hiding” place 😉

We found a Whitetip Reef Shark (Triaenodon obesus) and some fish commonly referred to as Squirrel Fish. These caves, with Andy’s help, also presented me the opportunity to finally……

This Rubbish did not Soil my Dive!

Early in the week, I get a call from Dave at Blue Wilderness Dive Adventures with an invitation to join them again this year for a trashy dive…huhhmmm…

I mean another Puako Beach Clean-up Dive on Saturday morning, September 18th 😉

Both Andy and I joined in on last year’s effort on September 12; but, “sadly”, Andy had to work on the Mountain this year on the scheduled date. This year, while he was on Mauna Kea Summit, I went shore diving bringing in rubbish of all types and taking pictures as best as I could in the murky water so near the Puako Bay shoreline.

We didn’t……

Bubbles from the Deep!

Starfish Date 20100711.0900 D1: Surf Forecast called for choppy conditions on both East and West sides of Hawai’i today. We decided to go for a drive to check out Diving conditions at End of Road Puako. It was Fantastic!!!!!

It was in just the right position to be sheltered from the brunt of the wind, surf and surge. Although the water wasn’t as clear as we have seen it, it was better by far than I was expecting. Almost no noticeable surge either, unless you held still enough for a few minutes and made conscious note of it.

We decided to go South today, and it turned……