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Lava Shoot by Boat!

October 13, 2016:  Site Seeing by Boat – An Excellent way to view the Lava at its newest Ocean entry!

The night before; “I’m setting the alarm clock early enough to leave for Hilo by what time?” was my slow, incredulous question. When the answer was, “2:00 o’clock am,” I took a long pause to consider what that would mean for me 😮

The Answer… “Very little sleep!” 😐 …

Then I thought, “Wait, Andy will be driving. I can sleep on the way!” And I Did! 😀 “To the Flow by Sea”, Andy’s recount of this drive to Hilo and beyond.

Halema`uma`u Gas Plume

Just a few days ago, the Halema`uma`u crater started expelling ash from its new vent.

Check out this blog entry from March 25, 2008: http://darkerview.com/ courtesy of my husband, Andrew Cooper.

And check out photos at the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory where they keep the activity status fairly up-to-date:


It is exciting to be so close to the activity and intriguing to consider what may happen next…?!?!?!

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*Links and info updated 3 July 2016.