Yes! I am still doing very well here!

Originally posted to on November 16, 2008 at 22:08. Originally posted here on May 24, 2009 at 21:52 with an updated train of thought and altered phrasing. Now Updated again with some new information…


In November 2008, I experienced a ‘wild hair’ and decided to learn some Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) Web Design for a Weblog! Now. If you know me … you KNOW that I HATE programming even though I can usually puzzle it out; but some how I have taken new interest in Web Design since I started my first Blog on Xanga and after seeing what was possible from viewing AND reading the posts at!

However, I WILL NOT refer to CSS as ‘programming’ any more than I will EVER give in to the construct that Pluto is no longer classified as a planet!!!! Since, for me, CSS is not as abstract and confusing as the programming (in ‘C’ language) that I had to take for my Management Information Systems / Operations Management (MIS/OM) Bachelors of Science (BS) degree at The University of Arizona (UA) with all the ‘for’ and ‘if; then’ statements that usually ended up in a nasty looping mess every time I first wrote a program!?!?!? It took me waaaay tooooo long to get it fixed, and I was usually disappointed in how little I had accomplished with all those lines of code :-O

So: I asked Andy, my husband and my best friend, to teach me the basics on setting up and configuring my own blog with my own domain where I have more extensive room for creativity! I continue to request help when I get stuck (it is nice to have such a knowledgeable, interactive reference so handy). Thus, my new Blog of my own domain was ‘born’:! Andy is an excellent tutor; but please don’t tell him that I said so … His job at Keck Observatories keeps his head in the clouds enough without the compliments going to his head as well ;-D

For those of you who have been asking: The name ‘GadgetGypsy’ came from my college days that started in Air Force Technical Training. I like the new, intriguing electronic gadgets that come available on the market; and I obtain them for the ‘learning’ opportunity that they provide as well as the fascination that they instill as I figure out their capabilities and functions. Through experience of buying too early, I have also learned to exhibit patience (VERY hard for me to do); and wait a generation or two before I buy-in. I still forget myself on occasion and the hard lesson is once again driven home when I ‘impulse’ buy a new technology that still needs to be debugged! Although painful and sometimes pricey, the lessons are still good and valuable experience!

You are invited to drop by here to check it out often! But be warned; I am, and will be, learning the intricacies of CSS for quite a while as I get configured to my liking. Please don’t let the constant changes (or occasional changes as I approach my ideal) turn you off or scare you away; OR keep you from providing me valid, constructive and valuable feedback and comments!

I like the community at Xanga still; and the Photo Contest at iliveinmycamera is, to me, a ‘not-to-be-missed’ blogger-tunity if you have the time to take and post the weekly photo assignments! So, I will still keep open and active. I will not be using it as much as I was; and other than the occasional posting here and there, about or to, the Photo Contest or something related to my Xanga friends, or regarding a new post to check out at, I will be putting my Picts, Vid Clips, and main posts on

See you over here ( AND over there (! They are both (or at least still is) RSS feed capable so you can subscribe to it/them through your RSS Reader. (Update; 12/27/2015: the unofficial Photo Contest was no longer running when last I was there; but another may have opened up)

Aloha and Happy Blogging! –GG

Best Buckle-Up Ad EVER

I first posted this to my blog on May 1, 2010; and I am moving it upfront in my blog again because it has such a needed message! ๐Ÿ™‚

After watching this video, I agreed wholeheartedly with the Subject title of this message when it was sent to me by my sister, Darcy!

The explanation read as follows:

This is the new “wear your seatbelt” ad the UK is doing – started by some guy not hired to do it, but because the cause is important to him, he came up with this idea, and now it’s being hailed across the world as a beautiful’ commercial. …

Please Do Wear your seat belt! If not for yourself, for the ones you love and who love you!

Poor Sad Mac…

I love my MacBook; however, recently I found a receipt that reminded me that even a Mac wants some extra attention sometimes. Especially, with all the possible threats out there in cyberspace. ๐Ÿ˜

On Thursday, June 23, 2013, my MacBook encountered a file on its hard drive that was too confusing for it to sort out so it subsequently decided not to boot. I remember I investigated it long into the night then decided to take it to see a Mac Doctor at Mac Made Easy on June 24, 2013, for a ‘Physical Exam’!

During data backup, a file was discovered (title was something like …~.gif) that the backup kept failing on. We finally had it move this file to the trash, and immediately emptied the trash. Then the backup was started again. This time it worked; and when the Mac was again booted into Mac OS, it made a complete and ‘Happy Mac’ boot.

A full scan with Mac Tech Tools turned up no further issues with the directory structure; but a surface scan shows one error on the hard disk. It is not a serious error and is probably related to the Boot Camp partition so I carry on for now.

I just finished putting Mac back as I had configured before (minus the file-tangler), then ‘Business as Usual’ ๐Ÿ˜€



With Apple gaining in popularity, be certain that they will also draw the eye of a few ‘Crackers’ (Hackers with Mal intent)!

HAPPY MAC and HAPPY Computing!!!

The Furry, The Scaly or The Fowl (well, maybe just Feathered)…

“Does my outfit look good for the Christmas Party?” Gold Dust Day Gecko (Phelsuma laticauda laticauda).

Same Blog, Different Tool!

Hello Family, Friends, and Visitors!

Yep, I am migrating my Blog from my Previous Software (PS) to WordPress. My PS had failed to save my works-in-progress WAY too many times. ๐Ÿ˜ก

I have abandoned it now and use it to get the transfers to WordPress accurate.

You have probably noticed (or will notice, soon) that my old Blog is somewhat “interesting” now (or you get forwarded automatically).

When my account was updated to work with WordPress, something in my PS did not like the change. ๐Ÿ˜

Result: Some miscellaneous characters; and most important, it will not let me post, edit, delete or even access my admin pages.

My new Blog URL is

I like the layout of my new blog; although, little adjustments are inevitable along the way! What do you think?

Well, not being able to access the admin will make my progress a bit slower while I reformat my entries and put them back together; but it will not stop me!

I am publishing them with their original posting dates so that will take some time, as well.

Don’t let the “fine-tuning” scare you away, though. I will publish a new post every now and then to keep things interesting. In a good way! ๐Ÿ˜Ž You may even see something old that is new again! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Tag along on an AWESOME dive with us…

Mark is one of several regulars to our dive parties.

He has put together another great video of diving adventures aboard the Aqua Safari around the Big Island!

This dive was on August 17, 2014. A Nitrox Dive – special certification required.

It is a special treat for me to watch these videos, especially on the dives that I was unable to take part in. Thank You Mark! ๐Ÿ˜€

Island of Hawai’i Hurricane News from the “Cradle”

Live stream of a wet and gray Hilo from Hawai'i News Now iPad App

Live stream of a WET and WINDY Hilo from Hawai’i News Now iPad App

Update For my Family & Friends!

While still a bit sensationalized by the media but accurate for large areas of the Island of Hawai’i, forces of Hurricane Iselle rolled over The Big Island with varying degrees of damage. (Oh, NBC; please take note from ABC and call the Island of Hawai’i, “The Big Island” or “The Island of Hawai’i“; not “the main Island“) ๐Ÿ˜‰

We received much stronger winds than our usual, and powerful gusts were pushed through Waikoloa with force! But in our little sheltered “cradle”, we had no major issues unlike those on the East, South, and North areas of the Island.

Live stream of Morning News from Hawaiโ€™i News Now on iPad App

Live stream of Morning News from Hawai’i News Now iPad App

I understand that Kona is now getting quite a bit of wind and rain on the West, too!

The inches upon inches of rain that have hit and are hitting other parts of the Island went around us, due in large part to the Mauna Kea mountain shadow effect!

Not such a bad thing to be nestled close to the base of a nearly 14,000 foot tall mountain! ๐Ÿ˜€ Now we watch Hurricane Julio, and see where the “winds” carry!

Surprisingly, I didn’t see or hear news in the media of the ~Mag 4.5 Earthquake that occurred in Kohala at ~6:21am on Thursday morning the 7th of August!